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NEW LOOK Metro Transit bus

The  New Look Bus was the face of North American public transit in the  latter half of the 20th century, with almost 45,000 built between 1959  and 1986. Everyone remembers the New Look, also known as the “Fishbowl”  Bus.   Rapido Trains is delighted to  introduce the second release of the New Look Bus in HO scale. This time  with a single-width rear door, this bus model has various improvements  over the first release from 2017 but still comes packed full of detail  and realism that you expect from a Rapido model, right down to every  rivet. This model represents the second through fourth generations of  the New Look bus, spanning from the mid 1960s right up until the last  one was produced in 1986, and comes with agency-specific details from  advertising panels to roof hatches.   More than 16 paint schemes are available from coast to coast, with 4 fleet numbers and unique signs available for each.   The Rapido HO scale New Look Bus models include:   

  •  Correct tubular profile traced from a 3D-scan of a real New Look Bus.   •  Single-stream rear exit door in either 2-window or 4-window variants.* 

  • Era-correct rear engine door available in either early (5303) or late (5307) styles.*  

   Optional left-side emergency exit door, a trademark of the early production versions.*  

  • Full interior including separate seats with seat back handrails and grooved flooring.    

  • Etched-metal interior stanchions, stamped-metal handrails and separate fare box and steering wheel parts installed.  

 • Steerable front wheels and REAL rubber tires.

 • Three types of bumpers − steel, water and rubber.* 

 • A wide variety of optional detail parts included.*  

 • Separate advertisement frames included with each model.   

 • Pre-installed route destination signs for added realism.  

 * Installed as appropriate   

  On top of all that incredible detail, the Deluxe New Look Bus models also feature:   

 • Interior lighting.    

 • Working headlights and tail lights.    

 • Illuminated front destination sign. 

 • Painted seat back handrails.     

 • Two-tone seats (where appropriate). 

Please note a 9-12 volt DC power supply (not included) is required to power the lighting features.  

The Metro Transit buses were designated with a vehicle number, a route name and route number on the side, front, rear ,"head and/or roof . 

Also on the roof is the "circle T" logo.   

 See ORDERS! page to PRE-ORDER; be certain to receive the bus you want. Available quantities will be determined  from PRE-ORDERS.